Anita Boyd Art
Explorations of Energy and Shape




I am engaged in transmuting a life-time of experiencing and pondering into swaths of colour, shape and texture. My mother's death earlier this year has breathed life into/released a vivid colour palette amid swirling energies that apply minutely and kosmically, I find. So I am drawn to pilgrimage with all its stages, as a scaffolding for what is emerging. 

As well, I have been riveted by my painting encounter with a formidable sense of place when I travelled to both Ireland and Irish/NY based artist Nuala Clarke last fall. I continue to work with her as I evolve my understanding and the expression of what I experience. 

I am planning an exhibition in September 2018 as an Arrival of sorts, complete with Boon as yet unknown. What an adventure!


I am based in Sidney, BC.