Anita Boyd

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Hi I love your Color’s
Heather - 23 Aug 2022
Hey Anita: Love your style. Quite stirring. I stumbled upon your site quite by chance. Very well done. Hope all is well!
John Wayne MacEachern - 23 Oct 2021
Splendid!!! So pleased at learning of your foray into art. However painting your room in water lilies should have been a hint of things to come.
Gary reith - 16 Oct 2018
I am really impressed Anita. Wow, you have blossomed! Your work is so vibrant and delightful.
Marilyn Atkey - 4 Aug 2018
Vibrant, expansive, and colourful art Anita. Just like you! Your emergence and evolution as an artist is a wonder to behold.
Elaine - 1 Aug 2017
Wonderful website you've created, Nita! I especially love the purple, pink, green paintings! Watching your evolution as an artist is truly amazing! And it occurred to me that you're experience in photography is serving you well in your creating👍🏼🦋
Marian d'Oliveira - 22 Jul 2017
Love the progress in your art Anita. Great use of colours. Love how you can apply them with the gradations within each stroke. Keep experimenting. Looks like you are happy.
Sherry - 19 Jul 2017
You have been making giant steps in your art. I am enjoying watching your art evolve and your sharing of what influences you. A big congratulations to you.
Louise Dudar - 18 Jul 2017
Hi impressed......big hugs
Fay - 18 Jul 2017
Anita, this site is so great! I really love 'Pockets'. What a beautiful piece. xoxo
Aimee Williams - 1 Sep 2016
Love your website. The Home page with the rotating art is a great idea. Draws you in. Keep up the great new work Anita.
Sherry - 1 Sep 2016
I am delighting in the rapid evolution of your art. It's as if your move to Sidney freed you to blossom profisely and passionately!
Beth - 1 Sep 2016
You are definitely developing a personal style. I like your art very much. The gestural Calligraphy pops and adds to your designs.
Diana Hutchison - 1 Sep 2016
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